Hey NHL fans and supporters,

 I just wanted to write a small blog, (guess that’s the thing to do ha ha), explaining how I see what’s going on right now with the lockout and everything else that’s been happening. I am back- home in Austria playing for my hometown team. When I am not playing/practicing, all I do is think about what’s going to happen and when we will be back playing the game we love in the NHL. All this uncertainty is not a whole lot of fun, but here we go.

 The first thing I want to say is that this post is not meant to persuade anyone to be on my side or change their mind on what they think. I am not looking to make people feel bad for us, the players. These thoughts are only my opinions.

 This is my first lockout and I have to say, I didn’t really know anything about any of this until a few months ago.

 I really started looking into some of the issues once it was clear that the owners were going to lock the players out for a third straight time.

 I am not going to write about all the numbers and everything because they are all on the Internet, but I have a couple of questions I wanted to ask you:

 What would you say if your boss all of a sudden said that instead of paying you $2000 a month, he is going to pay you $1700 – for no apparent reason?

 What if you rent an apartment and the contract says that you pay $2500 a month but after a year your renter increases your rent to $3000?

 Would you be happy with that? Do you think it would be acceptable and fair if that happened to you?

 I know this is about a lot more money than in my examples but for me personally, it’s about the principal.

 There are some players who went through the last lockout and made big concessions to the owners and now they are back looking for more. The owners got the deal they wanted in 2005 so should the players have to give back more to them again? On top of that, there have been 7 straight years of record revenues for the NHL.

 What are the odds that in 4-7 years or however long the next CBA will be, they are going to ask for money back again?

 What’s this world coming to, when two parties agree on something and sign a contract and one side later decides that they don’t want to honor this contract? What is the point of even signing contacts, if they aren’t getting honored anyways?

 That is all we are asking for. If the owners honor the contracts THEY HAVE SIGNED, the players are offering a 50/50 split, which is what the owners say they want. Does that not seem fair?

 Finally, I ask you, what concessions have the owners made this time around to help reach an agreement? Other than asking to cut our paychecks and taking back a bunch of our contracting rights, they have offered nothing. What is in this for us?

 I really am thankful that I can do what I do on a daily basis and never take a day for granted. It took a lot of hard work to get here and who knows how long it will last or my last day/game will be. I am just a small fish in a big sea (I know that!!) and those are the questions that run through my head. I don’t really have answers for them. All I know is that the players just want a fair deal for both sides.

 For the fans and everyone involved, I hope there will be an agreement reached soon and hopefully we will see you back in the arenas, cheering on your favorite team.

 I don’t know how many grammar mistakes I made but that’s the best I can do 😉

“Stay classy San Diego”

Michael GrabnerImage